Najm Petro Oil LLC has been established in 2006.

Our first goal was to provide Bitumen for department of transportation for roads and highways. By many achievements in Bitumen business we stared to provide all kinds of Hydrocarbon for Afghan brokers. As we could handle international oil business in between Iraq and Afghanistan we stared to find new commercial partners in Armenia, Pakistan, Oman and UAE.

The first governmental company contract was dealt in 2009 for Turkish company for 3 SPOT LPG. Besides providing LPG for mentioned company we found LPG-carrier to deliver product to its destination.

In 2010 we started to do business with Russian brokers and mandates for international buyers in this field. After 1 year refreshing pause we could find real supplier for one of Yemenis buyer. With full corporate with this supplier we could continue our international reputation.

In 2012 Najm Petro Oil LLC was the only company who could provide three (3) 1M SPOT Iranian Crude Oil for NIOC off the late buyers records.

In 2014 we sealed a deal with semi-governmental company for providing sulfur CIF to Chinese port for full 1-year contract.

In 2015 we started to hire 3 mini-refineries and start to produce heavy and light hydrocarbons, white spirit and … for Iraq and Afghanistan.

Beside in 2015 we developed facilities for supply and export Turkmenistan’s Urea FOB Bandar Abbas for India, UAE.

In 2018 Najm Petro Oil LLC could have seal a long-term contract with Afghanistan government to provide average 50.000 MT various crude oil derivatives (Gasoil, Gasoline, kerosene, LPG…) and develop business with Afghani traders under Afghanistan’s embassy’s supervision.



NPO’s Finance Activities History:



Upon all of 2009 succeeds, we decided to establish an exchange store and financial company to ease our buyers and companies to trade in easy and safe way. We could provide no-risk trade for sanctioned products. Even for products or for money transfer of LCs.

We provided safe money transfer for NIOC, NIORDC, Pardis Petrochemical, Kermanshah Petrochemical, Khorasan Petrochemical and so many private Iranian Companies.

NPO’s educational Activities History:


Our prior concern in this business was to heighten brokers and trader’s knowledge. According to this will, we set many seminars and conferences to teach brokerage rules and financial rules and trading routine in oil and petrochemical trading business.

Up to 2019-july we run 15 beginner trading courses and 5 expert trading courses.


Beside, we set many meetings and seminars with refinery owners, OPEX members and oil business experts to develop college’s knowledge and solution for domestic problems.


nowadays we have developed our company working field with our Russian, Iranian, Iraqi, Saudi Arabian…  sellers and suppliers with Chinese, Afghan, UEA, Turkish… buyers and re-sellers.

We have current deals with so many buyers and sellers depend on our glorious past performance and experiences.

In response to our buyers’ requests, Najm Petro Oil board of directors decided to open 3 other branches of NPO’s head office in Istanbul (Turkey), Dubai (UAE) and Yerevan (Armenia) that we decided to close Yerevan office in 2011.we established an office in Doha Qatar in 2020.

We have signed many MOUs with refineries, shipping companies, transport companies in several countries in order to provide best products with unique qualities and lower prices at the shortest time.

Holding educational courses in oil business and brokerage field to train experience and expert brokers is one of our professional affairs all over the world.

And one of our unique services is giving oil business investment, sell and purchase help and consult for refineries and PP buyers.

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